Our knitting plant, embodied with over 100 skilled and semi-skilled employees is fledged with 50 flat knitting machines ranging from 4 to 16 gauges. 15 Linking machines of different gauges as per the requirement of the flat machines are supplementary. Over locking and stitching machines with Drying, steam boiling, dyeing, washing and branding machines in the finishing department.

Imorted from Italy, Japan and India our machines are sophisticated enough to ensure qualtiy implementation at every stage of the production process. The finishing department is of paramount importance. Having business with some of world's leading cashmere brand names, we have to ensure that each and every garment that we produce is 100% free from flaws. That is why our knitwear finishing department has the highest number of employees proportionally.

We have been successful in maintaining a wide range of patterns and designs for thevaried tastes and preferences of our customers.Some of our popular patterns, namely are jersey(double and single ) knit, stripes knit, tuck knit, rib knit, half and full cardigan knit, half and full milano knit, cable knit, lace knit, racking knit, jacquard knit etc.

We at Shahi Creation Pvt.Ltd. believe in delivering quality at it's best. Each and every garment produced demands a lot of specialized skill. Starting right from the procurement of yarns, transportation and storage, knitting, washing and sewing, ironing, packing to the final loading, we have nominated personnel's for each and every process for quality control implementation.