Cashmere shawls

Cashmere has been known in Europe since the early 19th century , introduced the fashion of wearing "Cashmere shawls" which where then imported from the Indian province of Kashmir. Even at that time, the fibre used for these shawls and indeed most of the shawls themselves were produced in Nepal where some  of the finest Cashmere in the world is grown.

Naturally the luxury of the Cashmere fibre was known in Asia centuries before it's appearance on the European markets. It was a product reserved for the Emperors of China and the Khans of Mongolia. It was highly appreciated by the royalty of these countries for it's luxurious softness, the comfort and the natural elegance of Cashmere.

The Cashmere fibre is the down fibre produced by the Cashmere goat (CapraHircus) in the Himalayas / Tian Shan and other high mountain ranges to protect the animal against the cold weather during winter time. In spring this down fibre is shed by the goat and the herdsmen collect this fine material from shrubs and bushes and comb it out of the outer coat of the Cashmere goat.

The best quality of Cashmere comes from Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet and the fibre is as fine as 14 mycron (= 14/1000th of a millimetre).