About us

Shahi Creation Pvt.Ltd is a company registered under the laws of the Government of Nepal and is based in Kathmandu. It's sole dedication is the production of the highest quality of pashmina products, pure or in combination with fine silk yarns. All our products are produced by skilled craftsmen on hand operated looms in Kathmandu the Capital of Nepal.

Shahi Creation Pvt.Ltd. design and produce Haute Couture items not only from Cashmere and silk but also from one of the rarest fibers in the world and one of the finest, yet finer that Pashmina, comparable to the highly protected Vicuna fibre from Peru.

All our products are sold through some of the most prestigious Boutiques and fashion houses in the world and the top ranges of renown department stores. Purity of the product, luxury, high quality , modern design and style combined with progressive pricing have made the introduction of Shahi Creation Pvt.Ltd. within These circles of trade possible.